About Cambridge Sustainable Food

Cambridge Pumpkin Festival is organised by Cambridge Sustainable Food (CSF), a network of public, private and community organisations in Cambridge and the surrounding villages, working to promote a sustainable local food system.

Food plays a key role in dealing with some of today’s most pressing social, economic and environmental challenges. It is central to issues such as obesity and diet-related illness, food poverty and waste, climate change and biodiversity loss, and social dislocation and prosperity. While food is at the heart of these problems, it is also a vital part of solutions.

What we do

CSF is an “umbrella” organisation that brings together the many sustainable food initiatives in various sectors. In order to achieve food sustainability in Cambridge, CSF works on the following:

  • Promoting local food-related projects through our website and newsletter
  • Producing and promoting a Local Food Charter
  • Creating and developing a sustainable food directory
  • Running campaigns
  • Running public awareness raising activities;
    • Stalls at public events (around 10 per year), explaining what sustainable food is, promoting local food businesses and projects, conducting food surveys, promoting local food events
    • Giving talks and workshops on sustainable food (including on request to local groups). These can range from general talks to practical hands-on workshops demonstrating cookery skills (for example, how to make the most of food to avoid food waste).

Sustainable Food Cities

CSF is a member of the national Sustainable Food Cities Network. This means that they are one of a number of UK cities working towards making food in their city more sustainable. Sustainable Food Cities has designed an award scheme to recognise and celebrate the success of those places taking a joined up, holistic approach to food and that are achieving significant positive change on a range of key food issues, of which CSF was awarded a Bronze.

Find out more about what CSF does and how you can get involved on our website.

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