About Cambridge Pumpkin Festival


The Pumpkin Festival is returning for October 2017 and hopes to better than ever! We’d love for you to get involved – please visit Cambridge Sustainable Food’s website where you’ll find all the information you need. Do drop us a line with any queries at info@cambridgesustainablefood.org.

The Cambridge Pumpkin Festival is a celebration of food and autumn, which creatively encourages us to think about the food we throw away. The festival ran for the second time in 2016, with events ranging from cookery workshops and fine dining, to a pop-up farmers’ market and kids’ disco soup. The festival hopes to return in 2017 for more delicious ways to use up Halloween pumpkins and squash food waste!

Take a look at our collection of pumpkin recipes, and find out more about food waste and how cutting it down can save you money!

Cambridge Pumpkin Festival is an initiative of Cambridge Sustainable Food, a local network of public, private and community organisations working to promote food that is good for people and good for the environment.